1. About user manual.

Turn on WIFI Automatically

Due to environmental protection, we stop putting paper user manual in our package.
We have built an electronic user manual in each player instead.

2. About third-party APKs.

For S series

For HC series

    Some third-party APKS can not work correctly on our device, such as some launcher APKs, some local video APKs. You can send the unnormal APK to us, we will test and try to make it work. But due to some policy reason, not all third-party can work correctly on our device.

3. Device can not turn on after installing.

    If you can not turn on the device after installing, please take it easy, help to offer the below information to our customer service:
1) Your car model and year, tell if your car have CANBUS system.
2) Take some detail pictures about how you are connecting the device.
3) Take some detail pictures of the harness from your car, especially show the B+(yellow wire) ACC(red wire) GND(black wire) clearly, we need the front and rear side pictures of the harness.
4) Please measure the ACC(G3 pin) and B+(G3 pin) it they have 12V power on the end to our device.

    You can also check if you do the correct wiring following below steps:
1) If your car has CANBUS system, you must connect the CANBUS decoder.
2) Some power cable sets have mini plugs for ACC (red wire) and ILL(orange wire), please connect each male to each female one by one to see if you can turn on the device.

4. Car with CANBUS system.

If your car have CANBUS system, you must select the CANBUS type and car model, following 

https://autofather.com/shwt_10. Or the car original information function and steering wheel control function will not work correctly.