1. There is not GPS signal on my player.

1) Check that the SMA connection at the rear of the head unit is not loose.

2) The GPS antenna must be place on the instrument panel without any shelter. The plastics side must face upward, you car must be in an open field.

3) Check for any cabling damage.

4) Swipe the screen down and select "Reboot".

5) If that does not work, perform a factory reset.
For S series following:
Car Settings-Factory-225588-ok.  Erase user data.
Car Settings-Factory-22558800-ok. Erase all data including factory settings.
For HC series following:
Settings-Car Settings-Factory-000000 ok-Erase all data (factory reset)-ok.


6) Update to our latest firmware.

7) If you are using a third party navigation application, please send it to us, we need to test to see if the third party navigation application can work in our device.

8) If each of those steps do not resolve the problem, contact us to replace the GPS antenna.

2. How to check the satellites number my device has found?

For S series following: Car Settings-Navigation-GNSS.
For HC series please open the <GPS Test Plus> APK.