How to set my customization boot Logo?

For S series

To avoid disturbing the right of automobile company, we do not built-in the car logo in our player. If buyer want to set the personalized picture as the boot logo, please follow the steps:

1. If your player is 1280*720 screen, you need to rotate the picture 90 degree, and cut it into 720*1280 size, transform the picture to .BMP format.

2. If your player is 1024*600 screen, you need to cut the picture to 1024*600 size,  transform the picture to .BMP format.

3. if you do not know how to customized the picture, you can send the original picture to us and we will help to customized for you.

4. copy the picture into your Udisk root path, and then connect Udisk to the player. Following steps: Car Settings-Display-Boot Logo-then you can see your picture and select it- click update logo

For HC series

please download the APK from below link and install it into the player, then you can update the boot logo.