My USB ports are not working.

1. Please format your U disk to FAT32 on computer.
2. Try another U disk to see if the player can read it. 
3. Update the player to our latest system.
4. Check the physical circuit for USB port as below steps shows.

A. Check the connection for Port D and E and make sure it is pushed all the way in and seated correctly.
B. Check that the wiring, pins, cable are not damaged
C. Measure the voltage on pins 1 to 3 for 5V DC
D. If no voltage if found on these pins, send back for warranty repair
E. If you measure 5VDC then it is fine
F. Check the USB1 & USB2 cables for any damaged or loose wires.
G. Make sure USB1 & USB2 cables are pushed in all the way and seated correctly.

5. If the physical circuit for USB port are all in good condition, please offer us your U disk brand and model, we will test it and update the software for you.

Note: For some model with USB ports on the front panel, the front and rear USB use the same channel, so it can only work with front either rear USB port, they can not work at the same time.